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The British  hall-marks system
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You can find some example of British provincial hall-marks English, Scottish and Irish



Liverpool -  Liverpool (with marks for Chester 1813 or 1835), John Sutter

Manchester - Manchester (with marks for London 1798), Thomas Olivant





Aberdeen -  Aberdeen, (with marks for Edinburgh, 1843), Colline Allan, circa 1760; Aberdeen, George Jamieson; Aberdeen, circa 1830, William Jamieson; Aberdeen circa 1810, William Whitecross.

Abroath - Abroath, John Chalmers (?), circa 1830.


Banff - Banff, John Keith, circa 1795; Banff, circa 1800-1820; Banff, circa 1820-1840.

Cupar - Cupar, circa 1850.

Canongate -  Canongate (with marks from Edinburgh).

Dumfries - Dumfries (with marks from Edinburgh, 1838), Adam Burgess; Dumfries, Mark Hinchsliffe, circa 1830;
Dunfrey, David Gray, circa 1810; Dunfrey, David Gray, circa 1820.

Dundee - Dundee, William Scott, circa 1780; Dundee, Alexander Cameron, circa 1818; Dundee (with marks from Edinburgh 1833),  Alexander Cameron; Dundee, Alexander Cameron, circa 1820; Dundee, William Constable, circa 1830.


Elgin - Elgin, circa 1800; Elgin, John R. Mackay, circa 1863.

Forres - Forres, circa 1817-1836.


Greenock-  Greenock, James Orr, circa 1765; Greenock, John Eron, circa 1800; Greenock, Thomas Davie, circa 1800; Greenock (with marks from Edinburgh 1809), John Heron.


Inverness - Inverness, Charles Jamieson, circa 1800, Inverness, Donald Fraser, circa 1810, Inverness, Jamieson & Naughton, circa 1815; Inverness, John McRae, circa 1830.

Montrose -  Montrose, Benjamin Lumsden, circa 1788; Montrose, Peter Lambert, circa 1810; Montrose, James Sturrock, circa 1860.

Peterhead - Peterhead, first quart of XIX century.

Paisley -  Paisley, William Hannay, circa 1795.

Perth - Perth, Robert Keay, circa 1800; Perth, Charles Murray, circa 1820; Perth, R & R Keay, circa 1830; Perth, Robert Keay II, circa 1839-1856; Perth (with marks from Edinburgh 1852), Crichton.

Tain -  Tain, end of XVIII century.




Cork - Cork, circa 1760; Cork, John Nicholson, circa 1790; Cork, John Toleken, circa 1800; Cork (with marks from Dublin 1817), Carden Terry & Jane Williams; Cork, Carden Terry & Jane Williams, circa 1820.