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NOTE: between 1780 and 1853 so called marks for "small articles" have been used. Marks were structured with the crown and the date letter in the same punch. Between 1780 and 1828 a little crown was positioned above the date letter; between 1829 and 1853 a crown of a bigger dimension was positioned on the right side of the date letter. Exceptions are marks for 1834 (date letter on the left side and impressed with its base towards the crown) and 1835 and  1836 (date letter on the right of the crown, and crown impressed with its base toward the letter). It is common opinion that these marks were used only for small articles, but it is possible to find them on articles of big dimension like coffee pots and cake baskets. As an example of this kind of mark see  Sheffield 1833.

In 1973, to commemorate the bi-centenary of the Assay Office open in 1973, the date letter was the same used in 1773 . To avoid confusion compare the marks.